the law and our solutionS

This is one set of very important reasons why landlords choose Optima Property Thailand for their (short-stay) apartment lettings.

At Optima-re we're a registered Thai company, that owns a licensed hotel in Patong (Phuket, Thailand). We're able to extend our hotel license to accommodate properties that we manage as an extension of our hotel accommodations - rooms to let on daily rates. This means we are one of the very few OTA agencies that are 100% legal in the providing of letting services to landlords, especially for guests who stay for less than 31 days.

Formal leases of apartments are technically supposed to be a minimum six (6) months, with issued tenancy agreement between the landlord and the tenant. Optima-re is also able to accommodate and manage long-term tenancies on behalf of landlords. Our services include OTA booking (systems and providers such as, meeting guests on check-in and check-out, checking the apartment for any damage and charge for it, report it and find replacement items as the case may be.

We may also provide additional services that include housekeeping - cleaning, regularly and/or between (1) guest check-out and guest (2) check-in. You may opt for a total management solution that includes laundry.

By contracting Optima-re as your property managers, we ensure that your property (apartment, multi-building apartments, multi-location apartments or guest-house is 100% legal, optimised for revenue, delivers superb guest services (that may include either in-person greetings or automated guest check-in), with full reporting, owner/landlord accounting,