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optima real estate, phuket, thailand

We're a small, hard-working team of local and expat property agents that manage and list properties for sale and for rent. We're also O.T.A managers with a hotel license, able to help landlords benefit from their daily-booked properties.

Our office is based out of "The Great" Hotel @ Patong, located near Simon Cabaret. We are the principal managers of this licensed hotel and further function OTA (Online Travel Agency) services by extension of our hotelier license, enabling us to help landlords reach new occupants for short stays as well as long term tenancies - legally.

We provide a wide variety of real estate related services that include listing and marketing properties for sale, the process of selling properties, purchasing properties with and even on behalf of buyers, as intended owner-occupied or owner-rented properties. Optima-re also handles escrow (aka trust-accounting) for safe transactions between buyers and sellers.

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